The prospect of carrying out an audit is not one relished by many companies, as they are often perceived as being outdated and a hindrance to operations.

At Taylor Associates we believe an audit can offer far more than just meeting a regulatory requirement. Our approach to auditing is designed to carry out a vital health check on your business from the ground up.

We see it as more than just checking the numbers and ticking the right boxes. Our aim is to identify what is and isn’t working, helping you to solve key issues, reduce risk and improve the overall performance of the company. Wherever possible we want to add value that makes a real difference to the business. Our audit services include:

  • Statutory audits
  • Voluntary audits
  • Assurance reviews
  • Limited reviews of international groups
  • Employer covenant reviews

The requirements placed upon audits and financial reporting are more complex than ever. This adds to the importance of having a knowledgeable and professional partner who can provide the quality assessment your business requires.

Not only will we provide insights on business performance, but feedback on key systems, sensitivity to fraud and controls and risks currently found within your commercial structure.

We understand that in order for your operations to reach their full potential you need a bespoke service as much as a consistent methodology. Our clients benefit from our latest industry insights along with the specific sector knowledge we provide with each new audit we undertake.

At Taylor Associates we are committed to developing long-term relationships built on confidence and trust, based on a clear understanding of the businesses we work with and clear transparency provided by our auditing.

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