Internal Audit

Increased regulatory demands now require organisations of all sizes to seek independent assurance over the effectiveness of risk mitigation and internal control practices.

Finding and retaining specialist staff in-house can prove to be costly and the ever-changing nature of risk profiles makes it harder to continually align audit plans. These are issues we are constantly hearing from clients which is why we offer a fully outsourced solution.

Taylor Associates internal audit service is tailor made to help you define the methods applied when auditing cultural, transformational and other areas of major change. This includes things such as:

  • Benchmarking
  • Risk management facilitation
  • Assurances
  • Control risk self-assessment

In today’s global business market you are forever having to adapt to new conditions which can place an unneeded extra strain on a business’s financial capabilities. This increases the company’s exposure to mistakes and higher levels or risk.

Our experience across a diverse range of industries means we can create an individual framework that is suited to match the exact needs of our clients. We see it as a partnership from beginning to end, ensuring you receive the right internal audit solution that provides clear cut direction.

We also take a direct, hands-on approach, relying on specialists if required and appropriate. From conducting a thorough assessment of risk right throughout the business infrastructure, to designing strategic programmes and detailed reports, you can rely on us to help you achieve your commercial aspirations.

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