If you are facing issues choosing the right payroll software or solution, or are looking for ways to streamline costs, our payroll service offers the ideal answer.

We remove the need for an in-house payroll department, managing all your pay-related issues for employees within the company. It is the best way to ensure your payroll is being processed in-line with current legislation and offers full peace of mind that you have a team of professionals on-hand whenever you need.

Even at the best of times payroll can be a challenge for businesses of any size. If not managed correctly it could create a number of problems that can prove costly to resolve. To help you mitigate those issues, we provide payroll services such as:

  • PAYE & RTI returns
  • Payroll setup
  • Payroll mapping to accounting software
  • Payrolling benefits
  • End of year processes

Working with Taylor Associates also means you enhance security as we are able to quickly spot any irregularities while always keeping our clients in the loop. Full details of your company remain confidential at all times, protecting your data and keeping it stored away from potential intruders online.

We adapt to your preferred way of working, meaning we can supply the desired information on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. Nothing is ever set in stone should you need to change or update your methods.Also included with our Fee Protection service is access to an expert team of business advisors who can assist with HR-related issues. From updating important in-house documentation, to offering guidance on best practices and other vital information, we can ensure your business is fully compliant and always meeting the best possible standards.

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