Fee Protection for HMRC Inquiries

If your business is asked to undergo a tax enquiry by HMRC it can cause a lot of stress and concern. Not only because of the additional strain it will put on your resources to assist them, but also the extra costs incurred by the investigation.

In recent years HMRC has continued to be granted a set of far reaching powers which has significantly increased the chances of your business being asked to deal with a tax enquiry. That’s why we have specifically designed our free protection service to offer the sort of cover your business will need during this testing period.

Tax investigations are carried out all the time, with every tax payer at risk of being chosen. Unfortunately it’s not enough to believe that paying your taxes will allow your business to be exempt from this process, making it all the more important to have the right kind of protection in place. Our fee protection service offers:

  • Specialist representation to deal with complex tax enquiries
  • Cover for HMRC investigations into tax returns, PAYE, P110, NIC or VAT affairs
  • Up to £100,000 of professional costs incurred by the investigation
  • Dedicated and experienced assistance from beginning to end
  • Free expert employment law and health & safety advice from Croner

If your business is selected by HMRC for a tax investigation there is no set time limit on how long it will take. This means the cost of dealing with the enquiry can quickly become unmanageable if you do not have the right financial cover.

Taylor Associates have been working with businesses of all sizes for years to ensure they are protected against intrusive HMRC investigations. Involving our team from the start increases the chances of avoiding paying more tax or incurring penalties.

Throughout our years helping clients we have saved our clients millions in VAT assessments, with one of our largest cases resulting in a saving of over £1m for a client. All the while our investigation fee insurance saves our clients further thousands in accountancy fees.

Get in touch with us right away to see how our Fee Protection service can save your business time, money and valuable resources.

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