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With a collective experience of over 70 years accountancy experience, Taylor Associates have the expertise and knowledge you need to maintain firm control over your business finances.

We’re regarded as one of the leading accountants in Finchley, serving the local business community with a range of comprehensive services. From accountancy and bookkeeping, to payroll and auditing, we’ve helped countless companies in a wide variety of business sectors right across North London.

No matter what type of accounting assistance you require, our team are available to help. We take the time to understand how your business works to provide the most effective and long-lasting solution. This ensures we develop working relationships that stand the test of time, while ensuring you achieve the results you need.

The implementation of careful, long-term planning will help you reach business, financial and personal goals. That’s why Taylor Associates are known as a dedicated firm of professionals who know how to apply the right financial structures to your company in order for you to flourish.

Trusted locals accountants in Finchley

The commercial world is constantly changing and whether you are a start-up or an established firm, you need chartered accountants that add value to the way you work.

Just as importantly, we take pride in providing a personalised and friendly service to all of our clients. We simplify complicated accountancy language as we know how daunting it can be if finance is not a field you are familiar with. When you understand what we are doing to help you, it further strengthens your trust in our ability to do the very best for your business.

From large organisations and private corporations, to SMEs and start-ups, we carefully tailor our services to provide insightful financial guidance and advice to strengthen your commercial presence.

Our core services
Company Secretarial
Internal audit
Business Start-ups & Support
Fee Protection
Working closely with our clients we ensure your year-end accounts can be achieved smoothly, keeping you up-to-date with your finances to maximise business opportunities.
We provide accurate and professional payroll support to your organisation, taking the stress off your shoulders to avoid costly mistakes concerning maternity pay, sick pay, P45s, pensions and more.
New or established companies in Finchley can trust in us to keep their taxes in order. Quarterly VAT returns will be prepared and submitted so you never fall victim to any unneeded legal penalties.
Bookkeeping is a time consuming part of any business but Taylor Associates can handle this process and reduce error rates so you can refocus important resources to maximise other areas of the business.
You need to comply with the Companies Act but it often takes up valuable time. We keep you current with changing legislation and complete all the documentation to the highest possible standard.
Many SMEs undergo an audit to demonstrate the integrity of their accounts and our team and have years of experience in this field, providing the support you need no matter the reason for the audit.
While ensuring you meet statutory requirements, we also conduct a full review of management and financial systems. This highlights potential issues to find areas of improvement and profit growth.
Starting up a new business is hard work and Taylor Associates offer decades of commercial experience to support structuring, finance, businesses plans and much more.
Enjoy tailored and appropriate fee protection insurance solutions that are individually designed to cover the costs of accountancy advice sought in the event of an unexpected HMRC investigation.

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