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The financial structure of your business will often be the key factor in determining its success. That’s why it’s important to ensure your books are in the best possible shape so your offering can thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

Taylor Associates are regarded as one of the leading accountants in Barnet and North London, providing in-depth knowledge to businesses of all sizes. Our range of services act as the backbone of everything we offer to our clients, from start-ups and SMEs, to private organisations and blue chip companies.

We believe in offering more than just a one-time or yearly review. Our services are based on developing a long-term understanding of your business, tailoring each one to your specific needs. Over 70 years’ of combined experience has taught us that there is no-size-fits-all solution and our sustainable support is designed to help you find the one that suits you best.

Underpinning our professional expertise is a commitment to delivering exceptional customer service. It’s not just the type of services we deliver, but the way we deliver them that counts. We want our clients to not only feel they are always receiving great value for money, but that they themselves feel valued as people first and foremost.

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At Taylor Associates we embrace change and remain adaptable to the evolving needs of our clients. Not only does it ensure we are constantly challenging ourselves to achieve more for you, but it keeps you connected to new ideas and opportunities that can help your business grow.

We are a chartered accountancy firm in North London that are always searching for innovation but also understand the importance of keeping things simple. That enables us to communicate in clear and simple language, removing complex financial jargon so our clients are always on the same page.

Use our full suite of services, or select from those that suit you best, and we’ll work together to maximise your company finances and keep you on the right track towards growth and success.

Our core services
Company Secretarial
Internal audit
Business Start-ups & Support
Fee Protection
Ensuring your accounts are in order can make the difference between business growth and failure. Whether annual management, sole trader or limited company accounts, we ensure they’re in perfect order.
Outsourcing your payroll allows you to focus energy elsewhere in the business, while we streamline the process and manage wages, P45s, sick pay, maternity pay, pensions and more with precision.
Late payment of taxes lead to costly fines that can be easily avoided with good planning. Our analysis will also ensure that any tax breaks available to your business are being utilised in full.
Great bookkeeping can literally be worth its weight in gold. We keep your financial records organised with transparency to valuable save time and money when your returns are due.
Time is always of the essence for your business, which is why we help you comply with the Companies Act and keep on top of any change in legalisation so you never have to worry.
Our team offers business auditing services with minimal fuss while achieving maximum accuracy and efficiency. You’ll have full peace of mind that all your statutory requirements are being met.
Think of this as a maintenance check to ensure your internal control processes and risk management controls are operating as needed with complete efficiency to protect your business.
Taylor Associates simplify the complications that come with setting up a new business. We channel our years of experience to assist with every aspect of starting up to improve your chances of success.
Our fee protection services are tailored to suit your firm should HMRC choose to investigate your company accounts, giving you the financial cover you need for this unexpected expense.

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